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Head Trauma - Concussion Information

Concussions and Academics

  • Please know that a student-athlete who has experienced a TBI or Concussion may have difficult in the classroom. Cognitive work may cause symptoms to worsen and therefore cognitive rest should occur. Basically the student-athlete should limit or alter their academic workload. Please consult a licensed physician regarding or counselor about an academic plan. The licensed physician who evaluates and treats the athlete for a concussion should complete a the recommendations for regarding academics to be given to the school councilor. 
  • Some doctors may complete a 

Gfeller-Waller Concussion Act

  • Any student-athlete who is suspected of having head trauma which could be considered a concussion will be removed from participation until a proper medical evaluation can be performed. Students MUST be evaluated by a licensed physician and information regarding recommedations by the physician would then need to be returned on the appropriate forms. 
  • Gfeller-Waller Concussion Act (LINK)
  • NCHSAA information regarding concussions.
    • Includes links to information and mandatory forms.